Seasonal/Holiday Themes

Has Christmas shopping got you singing the “bah humbugs”? Let Squirky take over Santa duty while you sit back and sip some nog. We’ve got a ton of holiday-themed gift baskets to choose from — or we can custom build one just for you. Contact us today to find out more!

Winter Arrival
For ushering in the chilly season. Basket can include fire starter logs, a fireplace lighter, hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and mug, and cozy socks.

Family Christmas
Includes: A children’s themed book and CD of Christmas music appropriate for the entire family, gingerbread mix with icing, hot cocoa mix with marshmallows, A Christmas Story DVD, a picture frame, candy canes and ornaments.

Fruity Christmas

Fruit, no cake. The way it should have been all along.

Christmas Stocking
Includes: Christmas candy, gourmet Christmas cookies, popcorn, a picture frame, a Christmas CD, hot cocoa mix with Christmas mug, scratch-off Lotto tickets, fruit, candy canes and ornaments. Packaged in – what else? A Christmas stocking.

Christmas Scents
Includes: Christmas spice potpourri, candle warmer with jar candle, votive candles and holder, Christmas jazz CD, candy canes and ornaments.

Christmas Kitchen
Includes: Christmas dish towel, refrigerator magnet, cookie cutter, Gingerbread mix with icing, a $10 Target gift card, Christmas music CD, candy canes and ornaments. Packaged in a red or green mixing bowl.

Other Holidays

Spring is Here
For ushering in the flowery season. Basket can include flower seeds, gardening gloves, a small gardening tool, and a book about gardening. Packaged in a convenient tote bag.

The Easter Bunny
For fans of the “Wascally Wabbit.” Basket can include colored plastic eggs filled with candy, Easter toys, a stuffed bunny, and a children’s book or DVD about Easter.

Summer Nights
For ushering in the hottest months. Basket can include an inflatable pool or beach ball, a handheld fan, citronella candles, bug spray, suntan lotion and a couple of paperback novels for laid-back beach reading. Packaged in a beach tote bag.

The Halloweenie
Basket can include DVDs or VHS tapes of horror movies, a couple of baby pumpkins, a pumpkin carving kit, and lots of candy.

The Thanksgiving Pilgrim
Basket can include a stuffed animal turkey, stuffing mix, canned cranberry sauce and olives, baby pumpkins, a $15 gift certificate to a pie shop and a bottle of Tums.

The New Year’s Baby
Basket can include a ½ bottle of champagne, 2 champagne flutes, streamers, party hats, confetti, and a bottle of aspirin for the morning after.

The Anti-Valentine
For those of us who don’t believe in St. Valentine. Basket can include stay-at-home treats like bubble bath, cozy socks, lots of chocolate, popcorn and a couple of anti-Valentine’s DVD movies like The War of the Roses and Fatal Attraction.

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