Catalog of Themes

To congratulate the new home owner. Basket can include a small tool kit, flashlight, map of the area, a home improvement gift card and a local dining guide.

Doctor’s Kit
A get-well-soon basket. Basket can include cans of chicken soup with accompanying bowl and spoon, herbal tea, vitamins, cold medicine or aspirin, tissues, a gossipy magazine, a book of crosswords or Sudoku, a pair of cozy socks and a Solitaire game.

The Mom-to-Be
For the expecting mom. Basket can include a book of baby names, stuffed animal, picture frame, cocoa butter lotion, a jar of pickles, lots of chocolate and a bottle of Tums.

Hey, Baby!
To welcome the new arrival. Basket can include bottles, onesies, burp towels, a rattle, a stuffed animal, a baby-themed book or CD and a gift card to HEB or Target. Pink, blue or neutral versions available.

The Retiree
A send-off in style for the lucky retiring one. Basket can include a crossword puzzle/Sudoku book with pencil/sharpener, a picture frame (with picture of coworkers included, if provided), a retirement or travel-themed book, gourmet cookies and a bottle of wine with glasses.

The Honeymooners
To send off the newly wedded couple on their honeymoon bliss. Basket can include travel snacks and games, a
book about the happy couple’s destination, a travel wallet, a disposable camera and a small digital frame to hold their happy

The Great Outdoors
For those crazy campers. Basket can include meals to go, flashlight, disposable camera, camping utensils, a snake
bite kit, bug spray, outdoor matches, fire starter wood chips, poison ivy repellant, and a roll of toilet paper. Packaged in a convenient travel cooler.

College Care Package
To remind your favorite college student of the people back home. Basket can include snacks, an energy drink for those all-nighters, a picture frame (pictures of loved ones included, if provided by the customer), a bottle of mace and flashlight for late-night walks back to the dorm, and a $10 phone card to call home.

Would You Like Cheese with your Wine?
A gourmet treat for anyone who loves wine and cheese. Basket can include a package of gourmet crackers, gourmet cheese and crackers, assorted jams/jellies, two wine glasses and a bottle of red or white. (Makes a great holiday gift for clients.)

The Movie Buff
For the movie lover. Basket can include DVDs or VHS tapes to order (or movies of a particular genre), popcorn, Milk Duds, sodas, a movie encyclopedia, and passes to a conveniently located movie theater.

The Road-Tripper
A basket for hitting the open road. Basket can include an atlas or road maps, car snacks, an energy drink, a car sun visor, a copy of On the Road by Jack Kerouac, a disposable camera, a car air freshener, and travel games to keep the kids busy. Packaged in a tote bag for easy transport.

The Teen Queen
For the teenaged girl in your life. Basket can include a CD to order, glitter lotion, nail polish, lip gloss, a book on teen beauty, a local mall gift certificate and a tiara.

Dog’s Best Friend
For the pet lover in your life. Basket can include doggie treats, rawhide chews, squeaky toy, a fun dog photo book, a fun collar/leash, and a gift card to PetSmart. (Cat version also available.)

Le Artiste
For the aspiring artist. Basket can include a sketch book, drawing pencil set, watercolor set, a paint-by-the-numbers kit and an instructional book on drawing or painting. Packaged in a convenient tote bag to take your art on the go.

The School Mascot
For the team player. Basket can include a stuffed animal, notebooks, folders, a pen/pencil set, a tiny megaphone decorated with the student’s or team name, and candy galore. Packaged in a book bag for class.

The Music Lover
For music aficionados. Basket can include CDs based on the individual’s tastes, a music encyclopedia or trivia game, music-themed note cards and an iTunes gift card.

The Caffein-ee
For coffee lovers. Basket can include individual gourmet coffee packets with mug, gourmet cookies or biscotti, a one-cup brew basket with filters, chocolate-covered coffee beans, a gift card to Starbucks, and breath mints.

The Admin
Show your administrative assistant how much you appreciate everything he/she does. Basket can include a pen set, coffee mug with individual packets of gourmet coffee, a desk calendar, an appointment book, a gift card to Starbucks and a candy dish for the desk.

Bon Voyage
For the world traveler you know. Basket can include a travel journal, travel book, passport wallet or travel CD case, a small travel kit of shampoo, conditioner and soap, and a phone card to call home. Packaged in a travel-themed tote bag.

Get Clean
For those of us who love a good, hot bath. Basket can include a relaxing CD, bubble bath and lotion, loofahs, candles, potpourri and a rubber duckie.

The Baseballer
For baseball enthusiasts. Basket can include a baseball, a book about the history of the game or the individual’s favorite team/player, baseball cards, a package of Big League Chewing gum and of course, peanuts and Cracker Jacks. All packaged in a tote bag for easy transport to the game.

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