Christmas Baskets

Ready for holiday shopping? Skip the long lines and crowds and come to Squirky instead! We can create truly special gift baskets for your favorite people, customizing each one ith

If you don’t want to think too hard, just choose from one of our favorite holiday themes and leave the rest to us!

Family Christmas

Includes:  Family-friendly holiday-themed storybook and holiday music CD, gingerbread mix with icing, a holiday movie on DVD, picture frame (can include a family photo), candy canes and ornaments.

Christmas Treats

Includes:  Gingerbread mix with icing, Christmas candy, Gourmet Christmas cookies, hot cocoa mix with Christmas mug, candy canes and ornaments and a roll of Tums.

Christmas Scents

Includes:  A holiday-themed set from Body & Bathworks, plus scented candles, a candle warmer, holiday jazz CD, toe, candy canes and ornaments.

Christmas Elf

Includes:  Christmas lottery scratch-off tickets, $5.00 gift card to Starbucks (or choose another amount/store), Christmas mug, Santa hat, A Christmas Story DVD, Christmas music CD. candy canes and ornaments.

Christmas Kitchen

Includes:  Christmas dish towel, Christmas salt and pepper shakers, red/green mixing bowls, Christmas magnet, $10 Target gift certificate (or choose another amount/store), Gingerbread Mix with icing, Christmas cookie cutter set, Christmas music CD, candy canes and ornaments.


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